Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Viscous Cycle

"Give us freedom to run our lives!
It ain't cozy being caged
To be manipulated and used
This can in many ways bring rebellion.
This, my loving, dear handlers tend to lose sight
Or not given care."

I am a person
Not like its tree
A being with mind, soul, and heart
Not a thing without life and understanding
The tree tends to forget,
The fruit contains the seed,
And the seed grows into another being.
Maybe before, this person is fruit,
But now, the seed has been planted
Shown light
Later, a tree eager and ready to bear fruit stands
Another generation
Another caged-to-be individual
in the midst
A cycle, viscous and unending
Unless broken and unlearned

Monday, November 16, 2009

Muddled by terror

Black, white
Yellow, brown
different races, different places
living in fear
left in the middle
in muddled faith

God forsaken land
Others might think
But they, in particular
take it as home

In anger they become beasts
But in pain they become numb
The feel of life can only be dreamed
Hell ate it all
Will it still be possible
for life to abound?
A wondering of it being a reality
rather than
a question of what to do in the midst of all terror

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I know what you did last night

You took the whole of me in sight

Like a buffet you devour me with your flaming lips

Tasting the sweetness that juices from within

You dipped your naked tongue in my lagoon

Sipping the juice of which my lotus flower treasures most

You lightly stroked it like a fanning feather

You entered and experienced the warmth that waited long to be mustered

I felt, you tasted

Both in each others arms

Both in heaven

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sa Bisig

Maliit at malaki
Mainit at malamig
Masaya at malungkot
'Di nag-aabot
'Di nagkakaisa
Walang ibang ibig
Kung 'di pasakit at pait

Umiwas man, ay 'di mapigilan
dahil lagi siyang andyan
Tunggaliang 'di mamataymatay
Maliban lamang
sa bisig ni Kapayapaan
Kung saan, poot at pait
ay naglalaho

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


1. pRiDe
I hate having nothing to do. Every now and then I think that people actually want to be with me just so they can use me. Currently, I'm signing my information for graduation at the room next to our office. It's funny when I stare at the blank spaces of the honors, awards, and other recognitions section. Nobody actually bothered to give me one. But try to look into the extra-curricular section, I still even need more spaces than usual to actually place every organization I am involved in.

Everybody sees you useful but nobody bothers to even recognize your efforts. Pity me, right? I might be one of those lowlifes who are driven by the thrill of pressure and work but I'm not stupid. Using is actually the name of the game.

2. Redicule
The acacia tress are perfect against the light of the early dawn. I can't imagine any ethereal feel rather than this instance of the day. "Kamishiro, oi...! Kamishiro!" "Sorry Kira," I finally was able to choke out. "You really love seeing this sight ei? I can't seem to go past your thoughts until I call you a hundred times," Kira gaily acknowledged my being dazed.

Friday, April 18, 2008

He of loss, She of life

"The moon is full," he says.

"Still savoring the colorful sunset for the day," she [I] answers.

"I have only concrete under my feet, and more concrete all around me
But I can look up and see a quiet blue sky
And an even more quiet moon resisting my admiration," he tells.

"As I walk, looking at the canopy flow above my path
I feel the night breeze caressing my warm face
With the bright moon as my witness," she relates.

"The bright moon blinked
And in that heartbeat of darkness
I knew how gravely
Light has lied to me all along," he laments.

"What lie must Light tell?
To one who in solitude dwells," she inquires

"The lie that life is color," he pronounces

"See the dark waters under the bright Light of the full moon
Shimmering yellow lit the crystal surface,
A sight, innocent and pure, without lie,
Underneath this crystal surface
Life swims through the waves" she counters

"Above: Moon burning starkly, a ball of silver light.
Below: Pool of water dark in placid, mirroring hurting eyes on a gnarled face.
Inside: Stars dying slowly like embers, so grateful, so grateful," he recounts

"Above, below, and inside
All intricate components of life amidst a being's sight,
Whom seeks joy in living life," she resolves

"Even for just a heartbeat, let the world dim, make the moon blink
For the light was too much for me
A creature of darkness
Never used to seeing life in color
Afraid of seeing beauty I cannot manifest," he persists

"Why think of beauty in the world's sight?
Beauty is not of the world to judge
For it's made by the Divine
Given to all being
Both in darkness and light," she ends

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Under the Shade

A tree stands
Catering the needs of the birds
Instilling the shade made
Standing happily and content

A day came
The light touch of wind
Ravaged its leaves, making it bloom
In its luscious green

What beauty it is—the feeling to be loved
As the wind intricately bares the tree of its unmeshed beauty
Ever seeping with mystery
As the eye of my beloved holds within

With such certainness,
That seemed a touch of intimacy
Only spoken through the meeting of our eyes
Under the shade of dire light

You speak of love
I answered of fear
Black orbs talking of sick romance
That's true to sight but unheard to the ear

Together we stood
Watching and dreaming
In each others embrace
As moment stood still in time and space

My beloved, now moving away
I shun the dire light of the intricately content tree
For our bond was strong hidden under the shade
Now, clearly in sight, it must come to an end
For under the shade, that's all there is and will be
for me and my beloved, in each others embrace